Breeding grounds for innovation and their spill-over effects

14 oktober 2010

Stimulating a region through the use of creativity can be achieved in different ways, but one that is being used often since the books of Richard Florida is the creative cluster.
The cluster should function as a source from which internal and external spill-overs originate.

In this research the motives for clustering and the expected results are being researched and the actual results and their implications are being presented.
The research is carried out from three different angles, namely; the cluster itself, the government and the region to get an overarching view of the situation.
In the end it becomes obvious that the cluster does create spill-overs, but that this are almost all internal spill-overs. While these are important too, the region would have more benefit from a higher degree of external spill-over.
Stimulating cooperation between the different actors in the region is essential to achieve this.