Challenges and Opportunities in the Region of Groningen

1 april 2010

This joint field report is the result of 14 case studies done in the region of Groningen in March 2010. The subjects of the field reports vary, but they all concern urban and regional planning.
The method of the field studies was mostly interviews and observations.

The report is divided into six categories: city planning, redevelopment of urban areas, housing policy, urban governance and policy, infrastructure, and environmental and energy issues.
* The city planning chapter investigates the use and development of public spaces and also how urban areas can deal with declining population.
* Redevelopment of urban areas discusses neighborhood renewal and changes in the urban environment.
* The chapter housing policy deals with two issues; creating a new residential area with the purpose of strengthening the attractiveness of the region, and the issue of providing appropriate housing for the increasing number of students in Groningen.
* Urban governance and policy deals with how different non-government organizations impact the social and urban life of the city.
* The chapter about infrastructure discusses how different traffic projects, for example the Regiotram project, will influence the city.
* The last chapter, environmental and energy issues deals with the topics of wind power and water management in the region.