Conflicts between Street Users

20 januari 2015

The city of Groningen with a population of 195,418 inhabitants has a bicycle use of 37% being the highest in the Netherlands (Statistics Netherlands CBS, 2014; Fietsberaad, 2005). This shows the overwhelming presence of bicycles in the city, shaping the cityscape in a profound way. Groningen is internationally known as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world and has the first place in bicycle usage among the main cities in Europe (Ligtermoet, 2009). Thus Groningen serves as a pioneer in bicycle related topics and its successes and challenges can serve as examples for other cities that have the goal of promoting bicycle use. Cycling has been fostered extensively by local authorities, resulting in a bicycle-orientated traffic policy, giving cycling development priority over other means of transportation (Ligtermoet, 2009). However, this focus on cycling in urban transportation can also result in conflicts between different actors.