Travel Demand Management: a comparative analysis between the cities of Groningen and Liege (Belgium)

31 augustus 2008

This master thesis takes place in the broader debate concerning the paradigm shift that occurred in transport planning these last decades, namely the shift from the demand-led towards the management-led transport paradigm. This shift has been mainly caused by the incapacity of the classical four stages
model to satisfy the always growing mobility demand and to preserve the environment and public health. These observations have pushed policy-makers to develop new, more sustainable solutions. It is in this context that the concept of Sustainable Transport System is born ; the Travel Demand Management (TDM) being one of its main components.
This work aims at drawing a list of TDM measures that are in application in Groningen and that could be transferred to the Liege context to improve its
transport system. In that perspective, a practical analysis of the transport system of both studied
cities has been carried out : the context within which they have developed has been described, the main elements constituting their respective transport
networks have been identified, and the TDM measures in application in both cities have been evaluated. This analysis has put to the fore numerous differences between the transport system of Groningen and the one of Liege.
These ones do not facilitate transfer possibilities between the two cities. However, a list of TDM measures that carefully takes these differences into
account has been drawn. These measures concern (1) the improvement of the public transport services, (2) the development of a coherent parking policy, and (3) the promotion of bike use. In fact, the major shortcomings that Liege is facing in each of these three issues have been pointed out and efficient solutions have been looked for in the Groningen experience. These solutions
have been largely detailed.
Finally, some additional recommendations regarding the scope of this thesis and the possible practical implementation of the results in Liege have been
Keywords : Sustainable Transport System, Travel Demand Management, TDM measures transfer, Mobility Management & Traffic Management, Transport Network Analysis, Transport Policy, Alternative Transport Modes